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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Whenever I try to write a blog when I'm travelling, I'm either stymied by the lack of Internet access, or I get a slow connection that just takes forever to upload photos!

I've just gone online to start my EUROPE 2014 blog and what do I find but loads of photos that were meant to be in my blog from Asia this past January!

Better do a quick write up and get them posted in a blog!

 A visit to The Maple Leaf School where Kevin and Carla teach. Here's Andrew with their usual driver.

 The front gate of the school.

 Pretty fancy place!

 Iconic Canadian symbol!

The new part of the school where Carla works.


And the older buildings where Kevin is based.


Impressive, eh? (As we say in Canada!)

I love this idea with the umbrellas! It would look great I the new Westview Elementary!

Carla at her desk ... Pretty proud Dad!

 Their favourite place for lunch was closed :(

 Wonder where this fellow is headed?

We ate lunch at Susan's ... She's married to a Canadian, so a real mix of dishes on the menu!

The place was so clean ... And deserted! It reminded me of Florida!

It was pretty foggy (or polluted?) down by the water.

It was a good visit out to the school. Now we can picture Carla and Kevin at work!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday, October 14, 2013


The adventure begins ..... My brother, Andrew, joins me in Steveston and we pack for 
our trip to China, The Philippines, and Vietnam

 Andrew makes sure he has enough 

money .... He'll need it!

 Kelly takes us to the airport and we're off. Air Canada ... I got a bit uptight as I noticed most Air Canada flights 
we're delayed by a couple of hours.

 But we're onboard on schedule and travelling in style!

   We get a good laugh when we find out we have the same sleep masks! Not that we get any sleep!

Great views once we are over China.

A long flight. The longest I've ever been on! 


We arrive in Beijing on time. What a beautiful airport!  Make it to our domestic flight, just as they were boarding! 

And we're off to Dalian ....

Herbal tea and a fish paste sandwich..... Tasty! ...... Not!

But first Andrew will need to deal with Chinese plumbing!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Lovely drive from Inverness to Pitlochry. A warm day but a bit overcast when we reached the town.

Lots of tourist and day trippers. Much as I remembered it. Plenty of cheap holiday gift stores and woollen bargain shops and added to that nowadays ... The ubiquitous coffee shops!

Derrybegg, our B&B is the typical large, converted Victorian house, so popular in The Highlands.

The furnishings and deco were standard and a bit tired, but comfortable enough. The shower was fantastic, the best since we've been in Scotland!

The place was full, so at about 800 quid a night, they aren't doing too badly! But I expect that business is slow in the winter.

We had booked tickets for the theatre.

A comedy ..... Alex's first (apart from the musical, Annie).

We walked to the theatre from town, which took a bit longer than we expected, so didn't manage to get into the restaurant and had to settle for the snack bar!

The sandwiches were good ... And so was the pint!

The building hadn't changed since my last visit in 1990 ..... Or indeed, since the 60s!

Enjoyed the show and the walk home.

A good night out in Pitlochry.

Friday, September 27, 2013


 A good breakfast to start us on our way.

Goodbye to Oldmeldrum.

 ..... and hello BANFF.

Lunch with my cousin and her daughter.

  Had a delicious bowl of 'Cullen Skink' 

..... A fish soup that originated in the nearby town of Cullen.

Where we stopped later in the afternoon for a 99 cone.

Arrived at our B & B on the shore of Loch Ness, in the late afternoon.

It's in an old manse.

Our little Corsa , with Loch Ness in the background.

And just for Val, a Glenbogle-lookalike castle, right across the water from us!

We get settled on, then .....

..... Get picked up by my newly-found-second-cousin, Steven. We had a great visit and dinner but I forgot to take a photo .... so I've borrowed this one from his FB page ..... Hope you don't mind, Steven.  We had a fun time and I thought this captured the mood, pretty well!

This morning, after a full Scottish breakfast, we headed off, through Inverness, to the battlefield at Culloden. This is the site of the last battle fought on British soil, in 1746.

We toured the new interpretation centre and watched some presentations.

And I made Alexose for his Granny!

We spent some time browsing around the shops in Inverness .... Alex hates charity shops!

Then picked up some lunch at Marks & Spencer's and found a great picnic spot beside some locks on the canal.

Alex enjoyed his sushi. M & S really do have a great selection of eats!

The lemon tart was deemed to be scrutious!

There was a quaint little cottage beside us ... With little handmade crafts and plants for sale ... And another honour box!

And in the garden ..... Three very old turtles!

Dinner tonight was up the road .....

These kind of put me off ordering lamb!

I had absolutely fabulous halibut and prawns....... Yummy!

Obviously a lot of driving tourists need reminding!

I have terrible night vision and hate driving In the dark.

Tonight's trip back to the B & B wasn't helped by the fact that I couldn't find my driving lights and made the journey with only my parking lights on!!!

Safely tucked up in bed. Off to Pitlochry in the morning.